Friday, May 8, 2009

Tech Boing Contest

There is something about technology that fascinates me.The glitterati,the features,the advancement of it all makes my eyes dazzle.Earlier it used to be mobile phones,just loved to know everything about them.Even the meanings of every specification! Had every little bit of knowledge about mobile phones especially Nokias.The it shifted to laptops then to music players,Ipod/Zune and the likes.Now its moved on to anything new.Anything that catches my attention and I really support it.I don't like the concept of kindles which have recently hit the news.I like the conventional form of technology in some cases.

Now I have to purchase a digital camera so I would be looking for those kinda blogs and websites to help me pick one and see what is needed to be seen before buying a camera.What are the important specs and what are their decent numbers.

Folks at Tech Boing are having a contest and giving away two ipod touch's and its ironic it was only today that I was thinking that my Ipod Nano would become useless in a few days and I would like to use the touch to listen to music and to use wifi at my place too.How great would that be?Not having to open the laptop lid everytime except loadsa work. Check out the contest page here.Enjoy!


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